USENIX Annual Tech '05
(Opening Session)

Photos by Matt Blaze

Snapshots from the opening / keynote session of USENIX '05 (April 13)

Click images for slightly larger versions.

General track program chair Vivek Pai (right) and
Freenix chair Niels Provos (left) kicked things off.

Recognizing the best general track paper...

...and the best student paper...

...and the best Freenix paper.

USENIX President Mike Jones awarded
the Flame to Michael Stonebraker...

...and the STUG award to the GNOME and KDE projects...

... with which plush animals were somehow involved.

George Dyson's keynote brought us into
"Von Neumann's Universe"


...and George with one of his sources.

Audience member and science guy
Bill Cheswick sat silently mesmerized...

... as did USENIX execuitive
director Ellie Young.

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